2019 Embracing Diversity: Cultural Competency in the Workplace

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Christina Kominoth, MSW
Start Date
1 Hours
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Course Description

Because the world around us is rapidly changing and the workforce is more diverse than ever, organizations need to understand diversity and how it affects employees and outside perception. Employers that invest in cultural diversity training will see a number of benefits, including improved employee relations and higher morale and retention. This training course explores the ideas behind diversity, the benefits of a culturally diverse workplace, and why it can be difficult to implement diversity initiatives.

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Understand what is meant by cultural diversity
  • Breakdown the common myths about diversity
  • Understand why cultural diversity is important
  • Evaluate your personal values, beliefs and biases
  • Summarize the benefits of cultural diversity
  • Identify the barriers to cultural diversity
  • Outline how effective communication enhances diversity
  • Analyze how you can support cultural diversity
  • Assess the cost of not managing diversity
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