2019 Legal and Effective Interviewing

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Course Description

Whether you have prior experience hosting job interviews or you're a new manager hiring your first staff member, you must have the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct a successful interview. Poorly planned and implemented interviews are frustrating and uncomfortable and are certain to leave the applicant with an unfavorable impression of you and your company. But don't worry - this course will teach you how to properly prepare to host a positive and successful interview.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define the purpose of an employment interview
  • Determine what information you'll need to gather for an interview
  • Outline the steps to take when preparing for an interview
  • Identify the best candidates for your agency
  • Explain how to develop effective interview questions
  • Describe how to conduct the interview
  • Compare and contrast different types of employment tests and evaluation forms
  • Demonstrate how to effectively document an interview
  • Summarize laws and regulations as they apply to employment
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