Harassment and Discrimination Part 1 and 2 for YMCAs

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45 Minutes

Getting Credit: To start your training, click on the link to the left in the Materials box. This will launch the module in a new browser tab or window. When you've finished, close the tab or window to receive credit for the module. To complete the course, watch both modules.

System Requirements: You'll need high-speed internet and Adobe Flash 10.3 or higher to view this course. For browsers, we recommend using latest version of Google Chrome for both PCs and Macs.

Module 1: Definitions and Impact.  In the first module you will learn to identify sexual harassment and unlawful discrimination, as well as to understand the impact of harassment and discrimination on your organization. The training covers various harassment and discrimination laws and helps you apply these laws to real life examples.

Length:  28 minutes

Module 2: Response.  In the second module you will learn how to protect yourself and your fellow workers if you encounter harassment or discrimination in your workplace. You will learn what to expect from your organization's harassment policy and your options to file a complaint.

Length:  12 minutes

A third module for supervisors is included as a separate course.  

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