Youth Protection Series for YMCAs

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Available for
1 year(s)
75 Minutes

Getting Credit: To start your training, click on the link to the left in the Materials box. This will launch the course module in a new browser tab or window. When you've finished, close the tab or window to receive credit.

System Requirements: You'll need high-speed internet and Adobe Flash 10.3 or higher to view this course. For browsers, we recommend using Google Chrome for both PCs and Macs.

Part 1: Understanding and Identifying Child Abuse. This course will help equip you to understand, discuss, and recognize child abuse. You will learn about the four types of abuse, how to recognize abuse, and how to protect youth.

Length: 30 minutes

Part 2: Preventing Child Abuse. This second module discusses additional strategies designed to prevent child abuse. You will learn appropriate (and inappropriate!) ways to supervise youth, how to share and receive affection, how to interact with youth outside the Y program, how to prevent allegations of abuse, and proper ways to discipline youth at the Y.

Length: 35 minutes

Part 3: Responding to and Reporting Child Abuse The third module is designed to help you understand how to respond to a young person who shares with you that he or she has been abused. You will also learn how to report an abuse allegation.

Length: 15 minutes

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