2019 Motivating and Retaining Generation Y Employees

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Course Description

As a manager, you know that hiring employees is just the start of creating a strong work force. After you hire employees, you have you have to figure out what motivates them and how to keep them engaged. To complicate things even more, Generation Y workers want and need different things than Generation X’ers and Baby Boomers so you have to know exactly what it is they want and need. This course is designed to help you understand what these workers expect from their employer and what you can do to lead them to thrive in the workplace.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the role human psychology plays in gaming and how it can be applied to human service providers
  • Compare and contrast Generation Y and Baby Boomers
  • Examine the use of discipline and praise in the workplace
  • Develop an employee-centered plan for leadership
  • Discuss who must take responsibility for organizational change
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