2019 Wandering and Elopement for Caregivers in Florida

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Course Description

Sixty percent of people with Alzheimer’s disease wander. Sixty percent. And that statistic only applies to people with Alzheimer’s disease. How does that statistic translate to your facility? Wandering is a huge cause of concern for caregivers, especially caregivers who work with people with cognitive issues. In this training course, you will learn about wandering and elopement, including the warning signs to look for and ways to prevent these behaviors. We will discuss the differences between these two behaviors and talk about what you should do if a resident wanders around the facility or, worse, leaves the facility unsupervised.

By the end of this training course, you will be able to:

  • Define wandering and elopement and understand the difference between the two
  • Identify the causes of elopement
  • Explain how to prepare for possible elopement
  • Discuss how to prevent elopement and
  • Describe what to do in the case of elopement and
  • Understand what is required by Florida law
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