2019 Life Skills Development

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3 Hours
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Course Description

So many youth in care have never been taught important life skills the way you were taught them, through either direct teaching or through modeling by trusted adults. Further, many of our youth have intellectual or emotional challenges that make it necessary for RCYCPs to teach these skills in a very deliberate and direct manner. As you navigate this course, you will review a curriculum that you may feel has very basic and prescriptive content regarding how youth can execute a variety of life skills. Because you learned these skills at an early age, these might seem very simple and obvious to you, however they are not simple practices for the young people you will encounter on the job. As you review the listed objectives, concepts and simple recommendations, take note of the bullet points listed to assist you in teaching these fundamental life skills.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define life skills
  • Explain the importance of working with families
  • List reasoning behind activity planning
  • Strategize ways to stay healthy
  • Identify elements of home safety and personal safety
  • Assess social skills development
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